L.A. Dalston’s debut novel.


Other Dimensions

Henry Edmund wants to fit in, but he’s not the athletic-type, class president, or even one of the cool kids; he’s the boy bullies’ target. After stealing an ancient comic book from a collector, Henry inadvertently releases a demonic creature from another world. Having a personal demon comes with perks,
but it also comes with a price.

About L.A. Dalston

L.A. Dalston is an American author living in New Jersey. She writes horror, fantasy, thrillers and general fiction for teens and adults.

Though Laura struggled with reading as a child, she aspired to become a writer. At ten, her parents gave her a typewriter for Christmas. Since then, her active imagination has been turning ideas into stories. And even though she didn’t know what to do with them, she kept writing. After a variety of jobs, she stepped out of the workplace to pursue a writing career.