From the pages
of L.A. Dalston
My Journal

The Miner

Walter heaved another pile of dirt out of the pit.  His hands ached. His back ached. Standing two feet in the ground, he kept digging.

A Stranger’s Gift

Denny gets up at his usual time. He tiptoes around the crummy one-bedroom apartment while Fiona sleeps. He dresses and packs a lunch, then kisses

Bare Necessities

I enjoy simple living. I am not a materialistic person. In fact, I’m more of a minimalist. My home is small and cozy. It’s easy

The Basics

I’m not going to lie; writing is hard work. There are steps to follow, guidelines, formatting, and polishing just to finish a book. And once

Dear Author

“Thank you for your interest in our agency. Although your story sounds appealing, I didn’t quite connect with the material, and because of that I


You never know when inspiration will hit. You could be on top of a mountain, overlooking the horizon, daydreaming about another time and place, and

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