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Other Dimensions

Henry Edmund wants to fit in, but he’s not the athletic-type, class president, or even one of the cool kids; he’s the boy bullies’ target. After stealing an ancient comic book from a collector, Henry inadvertently releases a demonic creature from another world. Having a personal demon comes with perks, but it also comes with a price.

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In the clearance bin at a comic book shop, Henry finds a video game and crosses into a fairy realm that’s not friendly at all. While Henry is trapped inside Shadowland, a shapeshifting leprechaun takes his place back home. Filled with magic and mystery, Henry must fight goblins, outwit trolls, and travel through the haunted forest of undead faeries to save the Princess so he can return home. However, he is running out of time and may be stuck in Shadowland forever.
Look for Shadowland in 2021 

4eVEr and EveR

Grant apologizes for nothing. He is a narcissistic control freak that will do whatever it takes to win Trish’s heart. But soon love turns to obsession, and stalking leads to a restraining order. In a new school, Grant finds love again, and because old habits are hard to break, he’s not letting Heather’s boyfriend or girlfriend stand in his way. History has a way a repeating, which places Grant in an awkward position when the police start asking questions about a dead body.

4EVER and EVER is a page-turning suspense that’ll have you guessing to the very end.