Setting and Location

If you were to consider opening a business, location is near the top of that list, along with funding, marketing and promoting. You need to create a buzz that will direct patrons to your site and business. Having a location for your novel is just as important. Where does your story happen? Everything begins somewhere. […]

Dear Author

“Thank you for your interest in our agency. Although your story sounds appealing, I didn’t quite connect with the material, and because of that I am going to pass on this project. Please remember that this industry is highly subjective, and there are many agencies with different tastes. I wish you all the best in […]

Writing Tips

You have an idea for a story. Great! But you don’t know how to begin. No problem. Establishing an outline can be beneficial. It helps to have a plan for what goes where, but not necessary. All will be revealed. You’ll need to decide on a location and whether your story takes place in the […]